Walk in Play

Forget everything you’ve learned about Laser Tag. Play time is broken up into time slots called sessions. Think of it like a movie play-time, but instead of just watching, you get to be the action hero. Each session gets you 5-6 of our signature mission-based games. When you come in during our normal operating hours, you will be playing in what is called an Open-Play session, along with any other walk-ins. This means you can come in by yourself, with a friend or two, or with a massive group and still get an action-packed gameplay experience!

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Mobile Events

Let us bring the Excitement of Laser Tag to YOU!

Are you looking for something new and exciting for your next event?

Our mobile team can transform your yard or building into a modern warfare battlefield.

We bring everything for the event. Bunkers, Laser Tag equipment, Game props and referee’s

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Birthday Parties

Looking for an absolutely EPIC birthday party idea that’ll get your child and their friends active and having fun? Look no further than Tagtime Tactical Laser Tag.  Your son or daughter will get to strap on their own laser rifle and accomplish missions with their friends. They’ll defuse bombs, capture zones, and even plan a bank heist. It’s like their favorite video games come to life! We have different party packages depending on your needs, and we can schedule events on or off hours.

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Our signature gameplay requires teamwork and communication you won’t find anywhere else. Your team will have to capture zones, communicate enemy positions, and think on the fly to defuse bombs. They’ll need to plan an attack and then execute it in real time—together. Tactical laser tag is a corporate team building event that will both refine needed communication and send them back with smiles and some war-stories. Nothing builds a team like the battlefield!

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Not Your Fathers Laser Tag

Tagtime Laser Tag brings you a unique tactical laser tag experience featuring high tech realistic simulated weapons, a 10,000 square foot indoor arena, and all of our games are mission based. Forget what you think you know about Laser Tag, because this isn’t it. We promise, you’ve never played anything like this!

You wont find cheap feeling plastic taggers, bulky vests, or black lights. What you will find here is an experience that is the closest thing to what gamers refer to as being in a “first person shooter” video game. Our taggers are state of the art with realistic fire, reload, muzzle flashes, laser sighting, and hit recognition sound effects that immerse players in a high paced, action packed experience.


Tagtime uses SMG’s, AK-47’s, sniper rifles, and other weapons that look and feel like the real thing. Our sensors are lightweight and are only worn on the head, allowing total unrestricted movement of your body and eliminating the frustration of other players hiding their sensors behind objects or covering them so they can’t be hit. Our arena is like no other. We have a simulated indoor city complete with buildings and vehicles. This combination creates a realistic tactical simulation for players age 8 and up.


Scoring is based on how your team performs. You win as a team, or lose as a team. All of our games are mission based, meaning that you need to work together to achieve a common goal. They can include bombing a building or disarming the bomb, capturing an area, rescuing a hostage, or infiltrating and retrieving enemy supplies. Individual efforts are always amplified when you work together, and the best way to win is as a team.


In a normal session, players will get 3 to 5 missions, as well as coaching and guidance from our staff.


Imitated but never duplicated, try the best, try Tagtime!

Dont just play the game, Live the Game

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