Battlefield “Badlands”


Urban Environment

Our Urban Battlefield consists of numerous Buildings roads and vehicles. If you have played any first person shooter games, you will feel right at home in our Battlefield.

Elevated Shooting Positions

Each Team has an elevated shooting position on their side of the Battlefield. The “Guard Tower” in the military base and the “Sniper Post” near the Embassy. These positions give you an elevated view of the Battlefield for reconnaissance or firing on the enemy

Extraction Vehicles

Each Team has an Extraction Vehicle. These are used in several of our missions as well as adding realism to our urban environment.



Team Bases act as starting points for each mission, and respawn points when you are tagged out. Most of our missions are “respawn” type games. Once you have been shot 5 times you must return to base to respawn back into play.

Game Props

Game props add to the realism of our missions. The Briefcase Bomb for search and Destroy. Domination Cubes to capture. This is not your fathers Laser Tag.


Live the Game!

Don’t sit at home and play games. Visit tagtime Laser Tag and¬†Live the Game!

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